BassiNest Soothing Swivel Sleeper 3.0


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Our award-winning BassiNest has been reimagined as a 2-in-1 system that easily converts from a bassinet to a portable nest for around the house. Now with built-in soothing, you can help your little fall alseep faster and stay asleep longer.

BassiNest Soothing 3.0 includes all of the features parents love; 360° swivel for extra close sleep, easy lowering wall, and 100% breathable mesh walls. Plus the soothing system includes two levels of vibrations, four calming sounds, and amber nightlights, all with auto-shutoff.

BassiNest Soothing 3.0 offers an updated base that’s over 30% lighter, but just as sturdy as the orginial. Bonus: the sleep space becomes extra breathable when paired with the HALO Dreamweave pad, for additional comfort and peace of mind.

Polyester sheet and pad included. Additional cotton sheets sold seperately. Compatible with all BassiNest accessories, including the Newborn Insert.