One Air Baby Carrier – Navy Blue


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From BABYBJORN, this Carrier One Air features:

  • Recommended use: newborns and up to approx. 3 years and minimum weight of 8 lbs/21 in (3.5kg/53cm) *please note: When you carry your baby facing out, they should be at least 5 months old and weigh no more than 26 lbs/12 kg.
  • The leg straps should be used to reduce the size of the leg openings for children between 8-10 lbs (3.5-4.5 kg).
  • Designed to make baby wearing significantly cooler for you and your baby.
  • It’s made almost entirely from an airy mesh and this helps to cool the places most prone to perspiration – the parts of the baby carrier closest to you (the shoulder straps) and your baby (between their legs).
  • The mesh fabric is softer and more lightweight than many other materials, so it’s easy for you to see and feel that you’re carrying your baby in a natural position, with their back in a C curve.
  • Baby Carrier One Air has a sturdy waist belt and padded shoulder straps that relieve pressure on your back and shoulders and make it comfortable for you to carry your child as a newborn and up to the age of three.
  • Choose whether you want to carry your child facing out or on your back with 4 front and back carrying positions
  •  Height positions; use the upper height position for newborns (at least 8 lbs/3.5 kg) so your baby is carried in the correct position close to your face.
  • The wide, fully adjustable seat area ensures a comfortable and ergonomically correct position for your child’s hips
  • Padded shoulder straps for superior carrying comfort
  • Adjustable head support protects newborns and gives the correct support until they are able to hold their head up unaided. For older babies, you can also keep the head support unfolded when your baby is resting or sleeping in the baby carrier.
  • As your child grows heavier, back carrying in the baby carrier will be a more comfortable option for you. We recommend that you only start to carry your child on your back after the age of 12 months since you will not have the same degree of supervision.
  • The design of the baby carrier ensures that your child sits safely and securely while being moved to your back.
  • Always check that the newborn or baby height zipper is closed all the way to the end before use.
  • Machine wash