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Hi there! My name is Stefani Bellard and I am the owner of Bayou Baby Boutique. I am married, in my thirties, a business graduate and an aspiring mother to be.

Over the years of loving on my family’s and friends’s babies while waiting for a family of our own, I became obsessed with all things baby. After much research, I learned there was no place in Youngsville to purchase good quality baby gear and essentials. Everything was sold online.

Now, I know online sales have boomed over the past few years. However, when you are investing in products for your babies, you want to make sure the product is right for your family. These purchases shouldn’t be taken lightly. A parent should be able to truly learn all about the product and test drive it. The worst is buying a product, because it is the hottest item on the market, only to learn that it is not functional for your family. After extensive research, and watching my family and friends go through trial and error over the years, I’ve learned a lot about the different brands and products on the market. There is far more out there than the few popular brands.

All of this has led me to take a risk, following my dreams, and open a storefront of my own. Bayou Baby Boutique is a brand-new brick and mortar store opening in the heart of Youngsville, Louisiana. It will offer designer baby gear and essential boutique items and take pride in carrying only quality products, while staying up to date with the baby market trends and always putting mommy and baby first.

Our goal is to help every family find baby gear that is best for their family, lifestyle and budget. The past few months have involved lots of hard work, research, planning and love. Bayou Baby Boutique is so excited to open in the Spring of 2023. Continue to follow along on the journey, and check back periodically for our blog posts to learn about some brands that will be carried in the store.

XOXO Stefani

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